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Hi, and welcome to Meditrition, a platform to address your health concerns using a personalised lifestyle medicine and nutritional approach, in order to transform your health and well-being!

I’m Roveena, a BANT Registered Nutritionist® and a PSA-accredited Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (CNHC), and I support my clients with a wide range of health concerns but have a special interest and am passionate about working with those who have or think they may have an autoimmune disorder, and are struggling with managing their symptoms on a daily basis which then affects their day-to-day activities and quality of life.

Nutrition is often the missing piece when it comes to managing these disorders but with all of the complex and conflicting information available, it can often be very confusing. I am here to help to support you with navigating the most beneficial nutritional solutions that are right for you, so please feel free to arrange a free 25 minute enquiry call with me here.

Roveena Gata Aura

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Applying nutrition and lifestyle medicine strategies to optimise health and well-being is what defines nutrition therapy. Further information about what I do can be found here.



I support with a range of functional diagnostic testing which can be used to better understand the root cause of your health issues. Find out more about diagnostic testing and the types of testing that are available here.



Nutrigenomics is the term used to understand how genetics (DNA) and diet interact, and how they impact a person's health and affect the risk of developing diseases. You can find out more information here.


"I built a good relationship with Roveena – she was lovely, very professional and friendly. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my symptoms and have changed my diet according to the advice. I wasn’t eating an unhealthy diet, but eating too much of one type of food, missing meals, and drinking too much liquid with my meals….It was really interesting, I feel like I’ve learned a lot, and my symptoms are greatly improved."

CS, York

"I became completely unstuck during lockdown. As a retiree, my eating habits worsened and my mobility weakened. Roveena provided sound friendly advice and supported me by reviewing what I was eating and provided structure around my meals and activities during the day which completely impacted my mood and mobility. I am now more energised, have lost some weight and feel more motivated to be out and about again, and my friends and family have noticed the changes."

PG, London

"This was my first experience of using a private nutritionist and I'm glad I decided to go with Roveena. I felt confident that she listened to and understood my problems and was very responsive, knowledgeable and researched alternatives for me when necessary. The work we have done together has improved my symptoms and provided invaluable information to enable me to get a diagnosis from the NHS gastroenterologist in a much quicker time. She is very personable and I would highly recommend her for any issues around stomach health and nutrition. Thanks so much Roveena!"

DL, London

"I would recommend Roveena without hesitation. She is passionate about nutrition, health and wellness. Roveena is expert at her craft and has been sympathetic and supportive to me during some tough times. Roveena is both cheerful but clear minded about the importance of nutrition...she has been transformative in her work."

GL, London

"Health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine"

– Sir John Lubbock

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