What is Nutrigenomics?

Our unique genetic make-up can play its part in its response to what we eat and how we are feeling.

Nutrigenomics explores the wonderful world of genetics by analysing our genes’ response to nutrition and lifestyle. Using this information we can proactively enable nutrition, lifestyle interventions and environmental changes to be made in order to mitigate health risks on our inherited genetic susceptibilities.


The tests can generate a number of different and personalised reports.  key report examples include:

  • Metabolism
  • Food tolerances
  • Appetite and digestion
  • Susceptibility to inflammation and infection
  • Effective detoxification (i.e. how well are we able to breakdown and eliminate toxins)
  • Methylation and risk of developing chronic health condition(s)
  • Oestrogen management in the body
  • Mood imbalances

What does this test do and who is it for?

These tests require a mouth swab and are very useful for someone is proactively trying to understand and minimise their health risks. Individual tests and reports can be selected based on your specific health concerns which I can support you with.

I’m currently registered as a Practitioner with LifeCode GX where you can find further information on Nutrigenomics here

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